Fortune 500 Provider of Solutions for Managing and Storing Data

Served as subject matter expert on logistics spend reduction initiative. Developed first comprehensive view of total company logistics spend by network flow, business unit, region, transportation mode and logistics provider. Kicked-off logistics steering committee, a cross-business unit team tasked with identifying and implementing transportation and warehousing spend improvements that will enable company to meet its customer service commitments at the lowest total delivered cost. Identified cost savings opportunities that will reduce logistics spend by $5.9M – $25.8M annually.

Fortune 1000 Supplier of OEM Electronic Components

Served as solution architect on SAP APO Demand Planner implementation. Assessed current state demand planning activities (people, process, metrics and tools) versus leading practices. Clarified demand planning function responsibilities and identified preferred process metrics for monitoring performance. Suggested numerous improvements that will increase solution usability, enhance user acceptance, and improve forecast accuracy. Led 19-person project team implementing tool at Japan pilot location.

Fortune 100 Provider of Networking Hardware / Software

Led team that evaluated company’s indirect procurement activities (total spend = $5.8B). Facilitated development of future state process design that provides foundation for implementing strategic sourcing at firm. Savings potential exceeds $325M annually.

Large Computer Storage Device Manufacturer

Conducted a comprehensive re-engineering of company’s supply chain. Processes evaluated included demand / supply planning, inventory management, procurement, manufacturing, order fulfillment, transportation, warehousing, and product lifecycle management. Led 11-member project team that developed improvements to company’s demand / supply planning and inventory management activities. Company implemented six follow-on projects, including installation of i2 (now Blue Yonder) APS software that reduced inventory levels by over 60%, and associated inventory related costs by $240M annually.

Leading North American Computer Manufacturer

Led 20-member project team that initiated transformation of company’s supply chain operations. Project scope addressed all major supply chain activities including product design, demand / supply planning, channel management, procurement, order fulfillment, manufacturing, warehousing, transportation and returns / repair. Identified a portfolio of 12 improvement projects to be implemented over two years that will generate $880M in NPV.

Server Division of a Fortune 20 High Technology Manufacturer

Led project team that performed a current state review and future state design of the demand forecasting process. Established a portfolio of information technology, organization, and process enhancements that will improve forecast accuracy by over 50%, and reduce inventory related costs by $80M per year.

Leasing Division of a Fortune 20 High Technology Manufacturer

Revamped client’s end-of-lease reverse logistics process. Developed an improvement portfolio of process, information technology and organizational initiatives that will reduce returns processing costs by over $5M annually while improving customer service.

Spare Parts Division of a Multinational Computer and Computer Peripherals Manufacturer

Conducted a high-level assessment of on-going in-house BPCS ERP software implementation. Developed an Oracle based “best of breed” solution that provided greater functionality, and was quicker and 50% less costly to implement than the ERP alternative.

Leading Telecommunications Products Manufacturer

Re-engineered organization’s supply chain. Project focused on eight key functional areas: order fulfillment, demand planning, product installation, field service and repair, distribution, manufacturing, product / process engineering and supplier management. Mapped organization’s current performance against industry leading practices. Identified numerous “quick hit” and “long-term” supply chain improvement opportunities that generated $65M in annual savings.

Led “quick hit” implementation effort in the finished goods inventory planning area. Instituted the use of custom-developed inventory planning tools taking into account such factors as replenishment lead-time, forecast error and desired service level to determine optimal inventory levels. Increased order fill-rate from 91% to 99%, while reducing inventory levels.