Large Chemicals Manufacturer

Evaluated company’s purchasing, receiving, delivery, spare parts inventory management, stock issuing, repair and obsolete stock disposition processes. Determined that spare parts inventory levels could be reduced by 10% while simultaneously improving service. Identified process improvements resulting in $2.8M+ in annual savings.

Leading Industrial Chemicals Manufacturer

Served as Market Analyst. Forecasted market performance of Division products ($585M sales volume). Evaluated new market and product opportunities for potential Division investment.

Conducted detailed analysis of chlorine market. Study projected unfavorable market conditions for product over the next five years. Led to decision to defer previously announced plans for $200M plant expansion and to cancel $1M / year R&D effort on product.

Leading Industrial Chemicals Manufacturer

Served as Associate Engineer. Completed a variety of engineering assignments in operations, research & development and corporate engineering.

Assisted in process development of lightweight aggregate compound used as loose fill insulation and as an absorbent for hazardous spills. Product was introduced to market in 1982 with annual profits in excess of $1M.

Commercial Printing

Leading Provider of Customized Shelf-Edge Communications and Specialized Marketing Services for the Retail Industry

Identified procurement savings opportunities as part of due diligence effort.

Leading Supplier of High Impact Decorative Labels

Identified procurement, logistics, R&D and engineering savings opportunities as part of due diligence effort.

North America’s Leading Provider of Visual Marketing Products

Identified 20+ projects that will generate $3.3M in annual savings. For highest impact projects, identified benefits, effort, resource requirements and estimated project timing. Developed RFP for use on largest savings opportunity (strategically source SBS and TMP paperboard).

Industrial Machinery and Components

Custom Sheet Metal Fabricator of Precision Parts for Aerospace, Defense and Medical Equipment Industries

Identified and kicked-off implementation of a series of initiatives that will reduce past due order backlog by over $600K (90% reduction). Initiated improvements in the areas of customer and order management, manufacturing and inventory strategy, use of production scheduling and MRP tools, and strategic sourcing. Determined that raw materials could be reduced by 61% and finished goods by 91% without negatively impacting service.

Industrial Services

Leading North American Provider of Repair and Maintenance Services for Electric Motors and Generators

Identified four procurement opportunities that will generate $3.2M+ in annual margin improvement. Kicked-off project that will generate largest margin increase (centralize coil set procurement). Developed RFQ for use on second largest project opportunity (strategically source medium voltage coil sets).

Office Supplies

Fortune 500 Manufacturer of Office and Consumer Products

Assessed company’s direct procurement activities supporting innovation. Identified process, organization and IT gaps in internal engagement, supplier relationship management (SRM), category management and strategic sourcing activities versus leading practices. Implemented cross-functional process and organization improvements that will reduce time to market, foster increased competition among suppliers and improve company’s “customer of choice” status.

Assisted procurement group with day-to-day sourcing responsibilities. Categories sourced include specialty paper and various purchased office products manufactured in China (binders, dividers, sheet protectors, desk accessories, journals, notebooks, planners, calendars, file folders, accordion files and pockets).

Building Products

Leading Manufacturer of Building Materials for Construction Industry

Helped company develop its e-business strategy and plan. Identified fourteen potential e-business initiatives for consideration, and facilitated client executive team reaching consensus on two most important initiatives to pursue. Developed detailed business cases and implementation plans to support initiatives chosen. Five-year NPV for selected projects exceeds $8M with 30% IRR.