Alternate Terms: Product Formulation, New Product Development, PLM

Fortune 500 Manufacturer of Office and Consumer Products

Assessed company’s direct procurement activities supporting innovation. Identified process, organization and IT gaps in internal engagement, supplier relationship management (SRM), category management and strategic sourcing activities versus leading practices. Implemented cross-functional process and organization improvements that will reduce time to market, foster increased competition among suppliers and improve company’s “customer of choice” status.

Assisted procurement group with day-to-day sourcing responsibilities. Categories sourced include specialty paper and various purchased office products manufactured in China (binders, dividers, sheet protectors, desk accessories, journals, notebooks, planners, calendars, file folders, accordion files and pockets).

Leading Provider of Fitness and Weight Loss Solutions

Performed assessment of company’s largest supplement product to determine ability of supply chain to support a quadrupling in sales over the next 24 months. Areas evaluated included product formulation, quality assurance, sourcing, demand planning, sales and operations planning (S&OP), inventory management, supply planning, purchasing, contract manufacturing, inbound / outbound transportation and warehouse management. Identified, prioritized and initiated implementation of a portfolio of 25+ projects that will enable organization to meet 98% on-time delivery target, reduce costs by over $500K annually, and expand as planned.

Leading North American Computer Manufacturer

Led 20-member project team that initiated transformation of company’s supply chain operations. Project scope addressed all major supply chain activities including product design, demand / supply planning, channel management, procurement, order fulfillment, manufacturing, warehousing, transportation and returns / repair. Identified a portfolio of 12 improvement projects to be implemented over two years that will generate $880M in NPV.

Leading Telecommunications Products Manufacturer

Re-engineered organization’s supply chain. Project focused on eight key functional areas: order fulfillment, demand planning, product installation, field service and repair, distribution, manufacturing, product / process engineering and supplier management. Mapped organization’s current performance against industry leading practices. Identified numerous “quick hit” and “long-term” supply chain improvement opportunities that generated $65M in annual savings.

Large Computer Storage Device Manufacturer

Conducted a comprehensive re-engineering of company’s supply chain. Processes evaluated included demand / supply planning, inventory management, procurement, manufacturing, order fulfillment, transportation, warehousing, and product lifecycle management. Led 11-member project team that developed improvements to company’s demand / supply planning and inventory management activities. Company implemented six follow-on projects, including installation of i2 (now Blue Yonder) APS software that reduced inventory levels by over 60%, and associated inventory related costs by $240M annually.

Leading Supplier of High Impact Decorative Labels

Identified procurement, logistics, R&D and engineering savings opportunities as part of due diligence effort.