Due Diligence

Leading Supplier of High Impact Decorative Labels

Identified procurement, logistics, R&D and engineering savings opportunities as part of due diligence effort.

Leading Global Manufacturer of Pool and Spa Products

Identified procurement and logistics savings opportunities as part of due diligence effort.

Leading Provider of Customized Shelf-Edge Communications and Specialized Marketing Services for the Retail Industry

Identified procurement savings opportunities as part of due diligence effort.


Rapidly Growing Organic Meat and Poultry Producer

Led process to identify and select 3PL partner to provide cold storage warehousing and order fulfillment services for the CA market. Evaluated over 100 potential locations. Ultimately selected provider in the San Francisco Bay area. Evaluated carriers to provide TL / LTL transportation services.

Led SKU rationalization effort that reduced number of SKUs by 67% and increased company profitability. Determined that historic method for determining animal requirements was not providing accurate projections of animal needs. Developed spreadsheet-based supply-demand planning capability accurately linking supply with demand for the first time in company history. Developed time series forecasts in MS Excel that improved forecast accuracy. Then converted forecast to subprimal equivalents, and used to determine animal requirements and production schedule by week over the planning horizon. Determined that company supply-demand mix was extremely out of balance. Identified numerous instances where company would be either material or capacity constrained, and would need to secure alternate sources of supply or increase production capacity. Recommended that company look for ways to better promote whole animal utilization.

Helped client evaluate various ERP tools (Oracle NetSuite, JustFood) and select provider to implement chosen package. Defined detailed future state S&OP requirements, and evaluated various package capabilities (Blue Ridge, Kinaxis, Adexa, DemandCaster, JustFood) to meet these needs.

Custom Sheet Metal Fabricator of Precision Parts for Aerospace, Defense and Medical Equipment Industries

Identified and kicked-off implementation of a series of initiatives that will reduce past due order backlog by over $600K (90% reduction). Initiated improvements in the areas of customer and order management, manufacturing and inventory strategy, use of production scheduling and MRP tools, and strategic sourcing. Determined that raw materials could be reduced by 61% and finished goods by 91% without negatively impacting service.

Leading North American Provider of Repair and Maintenance Services for Electric Motors and Generators

Identified four procurement opportunities that will generate $3.2M+ in annual margin improvement.  Kicked-off project that will generate largest margin increase (centralize coil set procurement).  Developed RFQ for use on second largest project opportunity (strategically source medium voltage coil sets).

Leading Medical Device Provider

Served as Interim IT Category Manager.  Led RFP process to select preferred providers for all global IT hardware needs (laptops, desktops, peripherals, servers, storage and networking).  Reduced annual IT hardware spend by over $2.0M (24%).  Negotiated data center contract renewal that reduced data center spend by $270K (43%) annually.

North America’s Leading Provider of Visual Marketing Products

Identified 20+ projects that will generate $3.3M in annual savings. For highest impact projects, identified benefits, effort, resource requirements and estimated project timing. Developed RFP for use on largest savings opportunity (strategically source SBS and TMP paperboard).

North America’s Largest Producer and Marketer of Craft Yarn

Provided training on monitoring forecast accuracy and modeling inventory targets. Identified opportunity to reduce safety stock levels by $0.9M while maintaining customer service performance.